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901 Day

The original idea

Tomorrow is September 1, a.k.a. 9/01, a.k.a. the area code for Memphis.

I think 901 Day should be a local holiday — a day dedicated not only to reflecting on all the great things about Memphis but also on working to make it better. A day free of hating, as Tony Allen might say. Maybe local museums could offer admission discounts to foster cultural appreciation, volunteer organizations could host service opportunities… Neighborhoods could have block parties and open houses. And of course, a citywide day off work would be purely optional.

The day is being billed as a “hater-free Memphis holiday,” and guidelines for celebrating are intentionally vague.

“We just want everyone to do their own thing and celebrate what they love most about this city,” Clarke said. “We’re fun-loving people, but we’re harder on ourselves than we need to be. We give ourselves our own black eye and fail to see the things that make living in Memphis really awesome.”

Memphis Parent: 901 Day means family fun on Saturday, September 1